Wet Car Interior Drying

Wet Car Interior Drying

We are experts at rapidly drying vehicles that get excessively wet due to leaving a window down, being flooded, or a leak.

This is often a part of the car mold remediation service.  However, it is also it’s own stand alone service.  It’s important to rapidly remove excess moisture from a car to prevent electrical problems, and the possibility of mold developing.

We use techniques developed over the last nine (10) years of providing car mold remediation services.

Drying out a vehicle can be tricky due to the carpet padding below the carpet.  The padding is sealed off from air so it stays wet for a long time if not purposely dried.  The padding is also often times a thick dense foam that holds a lot of moisture deep within the foam making it difficult to get to.

Our approach always includes removing the bottom door trim and pulling back the carpet to get to the padding.  Sometimes we it’s just best to replace the padding, and sometimes it’s best to dry the padding.  We use moisture meters to ensure the moisture content is below 7%.

The price starts at $300 and depends on how many areas are wet, what kind of padding is under the carpet, and how wet the car is.


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