Paint Overspray Removal

Paint Overspray Removal

 We have served apartment painting companies, storage unit painting companies, house painting companies, etc. over the last sixteen (16) years.  This has provided a unique opportunity to acquire vast paint overspray removal experience. 

This has also exposed us to a variety of different paints.  Different paints can require different removal techniques.  

Paint overspray can also come from road striping, fence painting and staining, home painting projects, etc.   

 The steps typically required to remove paint overspray:

1) Vehicle is chemically washed to prep the paint removal

2) Vehicle is clay barred to remove the paint, or paint removal chemicals are used depending on the paint that is being removed

3) Vehicle is polished to remove the clay bar marks

4) Vehicle is waxed to restore protection to the paint 

Prices start at $300.  A visual inspection is required to provide a quote. 


Paint Overspray