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Get  or keep your RV or camper looking brand new with our professional mobile detailing services. We specialize in maintaining and or restoring the beauty of your RV/Camper.

A 5 star review average combined with fifteen years of experience, provides peace of mind that the job will be done right with outstanding results.

We come to you with everything we need to do the job (water, power, etc).  This allows us to provide our services in remote areas like storage facilities that do not have water or power options.

Our Unique Offering

Even our wash and wax service is uncommon.  The wash is thorough including the top, awning, and extended slides.  After a squeaky clean wash, we apply a  coating that lasts for a guaranteed period of time (one year minimum) .  Our guaranteed shine warranty ensures that your RV/camper will maintain its shine during the entire warranty period.



Wash with shine coating  –  exterior must be oxidation free and in good shape for this option no buffing

                                                           6 month warranty shine         $15 linear ft

                                                         12 month warranty shine         $20 linear ft

                                                         24 month warranty shine         $25 linear ft

                                                         36 month warranty shine         $30 linear ft

Shine warranty conditions – no truck stop washes, must be washed at least every 3 months.  If warranty conditions are met, RV or camper will be restored to “shine” condition at no cost. 

Wash only service plus coating boost applied (only for RVs/Campers that have previously received above service)                                                $7 linear ft


When the RV or camper is oxidized a visual inspection must be performed in order to provide a quote.    

Buffing prices range from $40 to $90 linear foot depending on degree of oxidation damage and how much of the RC/camper is oxidized.  

Our experience and in depth knowledge of how to restore gelcoat finishes enables us to restore even the most extremely damaged surfaces.

The Jayco camper before and after shows how oxidized the camper became.  The cab with completely dull, chalky, and white.  Once the oxidation was removed the finish was completely restored to the original color.   



The premier camper was also discolored with oxidation.  Once the oxidation was removed the original color was fully restored.   











This 5th wheel camper slide was quite oxidized and dull before being buffed and sealed with graphene

RV Photo
RV Image
Camper before and after
Camper before and after
5th wheel slide before and after