Car Water Leak Repair

Car Water Leak Repair

We can find and repair nearly any auto leak.  The only leaks we can’t fix are windshield leaks, convertible top leaks, and some leaks due to an accident.  

We have fixed well over 2,000 leaks over the last 10 years while preforming Auto Mold Remediation services.  We often find leaks dealers can’t find. 

Common leaks include: sunroof drain tubes, rubber seals, tail lights, trunk vents, fouled cowls, etc, etc, etc.  Leaks can be tricky i.e. cracked spot welds either from factory oversite, or from an accident. 

 There is a real art to finding leaks.  A process called hydro testing is used to find and isolate leaks.  Using a moisture meter can also help narrow down where to begin looking for the leak.  Once the leak is found, it is repaired and then tested.  Sometimes there are multiple leaks.   

We provide a one year warranty on all repairs.  Part replacements are not included in the cost of our service i.e. rubber seal on the trunk or door is the source of the leak, but can’t be repaired. The cost of a new rubber seal would be in addition to the cost of our service.

The good news is nearly all seals and other leaky parts can be fixed.  

The cost range of finding and fixing leaks is $150 to $500

$150 for simple leaks (sunroof drain tubes, rubber door seal, rubber trunk seal, etc.)

$200 to $500 for more complex leaks that require trim disassembly and or carpet to be pulled back.   If there is excessive moisture in the vehicle due to the leak, there is an additional charge to dry the out the vehicle.


Car Water Leak