Car Concrete Removal

Car Concrete Removal

When concrete is poured during the building of high rises, small splatters of concrete can blow a considerable distance and fall on vehicles below.

We have worked with several large Atlanta area concrete contractors.  This has allowed us to gain considerable concrete removal experience.

Removing concrete is tricky, because if it isn’t done properly, the vehicle can be deeply scratched.

We have developed a unique process that is both safe and quick in removing concrete.

Concrete removal process

1) Vehicle is chemically washed to prep the vehicle for concrete removal

2) Concrete is removed using our unique process

3) Lite polish to remove concrete stains

4) Wax vehicle

Prices start at $300.  In order to provide an accurate quote car must be visually inspected.

 Why it’s so hard to remove concrete from a car.

Car with concrete spatters